Welcome to the GEAR UP Maine District Portal! This website is a host for important information, updates, and resources for GEAR UP school districts that can't be found on the gearupme.org website. 

News & Updates

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  • GEAR UP Maine created this short video for everyone to share! It highlights the basics of the GEAR UP Maine Program. Feel free to add this video to your school website and share far and wide!

GU short video from Kayla Hopkins on Vimeo.

Must Do's & To Do's

August Must Do's

College Access Team Members
  • Update CAT membership - Identify at least one student and parent CAT member
  • Prepare and plan for National GEAR UP Week in September
  • Establish and plan for financial awareness informational sessions for students and families (to be completed prior to February 2019)
  • Submit documentation to your Data Steward detailing summer activity participation
  • Submit services/activities in SCRIBE and provide Request for Reimbursement Packet to Business Managers 
College Access Team Lead
  • Sign roles and responsibilities and submit them to your district’s Regional Facilitator by September 15. These will also be added to your school’s contract that will be signed by the superintendent. 
  • Complete Contacts form and return it to the GEAR UP Maine Data Team
  • Have roles and responsibilities Acknowledgement signed by the Data Steward, and submit it to the GEAR UP Maine Data Team
  • Duplication of Services (This applies only to high schools who have Talent Search or another TRIO program)