Definition of Match
“Match” is a general term that refers to items donated to the project, regardless of who paid for them. In the case of GEAR UP grants, it means the non-federal share of program costs. If your organization purchased the goods or services but did not request reimbursement from the grant, then the generic term “match” applies. If another person or organization donated the goods or services, then both the generic term “match” and the more specific term “in-kind” apply.
Definition of In-Kind
“In-Kind” refers to non-cash contributions of goods or services made by third party individuals or organizations to GEAR UP projects. Examples of in-kind include work done by unpaid volunteers in support of GEAR UP, fee waivers, and donations of supplies, facilities, or equipment. Qualifying in-kind contributions must be necessary to accomplish program activities, verifiable, and only allowable if the grantee could legitimately pay for them. In-kind match follows the same rules as the money you spend on GEAR UP. Your in-kind match must be allocable, allowable, and reasonable. 
Match contributions must benefit students who are eligible for GEAR UP services and be aligned with the grant goal and objectives.