Welcome to the GEAR UP Maine District Portal! This website is a host for important information, updates, and resources for GEAR UP school districts that can't be found on the gearupme.org website. 

News & Updates
  • The CIE Summer Institute is happening June 26th - 28th! Find more information Here. 
  • Don't forget to check out our Schools Sharing with Schools page often! 
  • GEAR UP Maine created this short video for everyone to share! It highlights the basics of the GEAR UP Maine Program. Feel free to add this video to your school website and share far and wide!

GU short video from Kayla Hopkins on Vimeo.

Must Do's & To Do's

June Must Do's

College Access Team Members
  • Finalize year 5 action plans 
  • Input services/activities into SCRIBE and provide service summary and receipt documentation to Business Managers

Data Stewards
  • Add students who enroll during the months of May/June. Note if they are GEAR UP eligible.
  • ALL students will have an exit code at the end of the year. New exit codes to select from are listed on the Exit Student Template. This should save work at the beginning of the next school year.
  • Enter participation in SCRIBE for all services that took place during the months of May and June as described in your GEAR UP Action Plan. Reference the roster that’s attached to the service.  Enter Service Summary Form into SCRIBE.  
  • Ensure that services planned for the summer are listed in SCRIBE.
  • Complete the data for the 2018 Graduates. Use the Graduates Template. There is a helpful tip in the Graduates Instructions document on how you might want to collect data from the school counselor. It would expedite your import process.
  • End of course grades entered into SCRIBE. This includes all courses that fall under math, ELA, science, AP, early college, and dual credit.  Those are the only courses we track. 
  • Unexcused Absences for the Year (10+). On our federal report, we’re required to report the aggregate number of students by grade level who have 10 or more unexcused absences for the year.