Opportunities for Students

Get scholarships from colleges for your achievements in high school.

Maine App Challenge
The Tyler Technologies’ 2016 Maine App Challenge is on!
This is a contest for Maine high school students to develop apps and win scholarships.
This was widely successful last year.  The winning student (from Telstar) won $6,000 in scholarship money and was all over the news!  Second place was $3,000, and third place was $1,000. Learn More Here...

MIT Launch
MIT Launch focuses on Foundation, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, and Professional Skills.

Career Exploration:
Roadtrip Nation
From video game designers to lawyers, sports journalists to STEM professionals, and everything in between, we’ve sought out untold stories and shared them. These stories form the basis of our career exploration products—including an educational curriculum, personalized online tools, video content, bestselling books, and live events. Together, these tools create a diverse and relevant collection of resources showing young people the vast scope of careers and possibilities.

Maine Matters Award
UMaine Maine Matters Program 2016-2017
Starting in Fall 2016, the University of Maine is pleased to announce our new financial aid program for in-state students called the Maine Matters Program. The program is made up of the Maine Matters Award, Merit Scholarships and the Maine Match. See below for requirements.
Maine Matters Award
Every in-state student admitted to the University is guaranteed $500 in either a Maine Matters Award or other merit aid (including Athletic scholarships) if they meet the eligibility requirements.
Maine Matters Awards will be offered based on an enrollment of 15 credits per semester. Maine Matters Awards will be pro-rated based on enrollment if students enroll in less than 15 credits. Students enrolling in less than 6 credits per semester will not be eligible for the Maine Matters Award.

Eligibility Requirements:
Students must submit their admissions application by February 1.
Students who file a FAFSA by March 1 will be evaluated for an increased Maine Matters Award based on financial need.

A grassroots coalition that helped establish the educational opportunity tax credit, a college affordability program for individuals who have earned a college degree and choose to live and work in Maine. This tax credit reimburses student loan payments made by the employee or Maine employer on their behalf.