UMF Summer Experience

Kayla, GEAR UP UMF Summer Experience Student, 2015 writes:

Summer Experience is a one week program at UMF to help you understand what the college life is all about. GEAR UP students are students who received a scholarship with everything paid. Thankfully I was able to be apart of the GEAR Up program or else summer experience wouldn’t of been an option for me. 

We had a set schedule most of the time, such as breakfast at 8, class 9-12, lunch at noon, and there was always an activity in the evening. We had lots of free time which was usually spent doing our homework. Summer Experience taught me a lot, like you should spend more of your free time studying and doing your homework and should not wait until 6am to finish and hand in. Of course you want to enjoy college and have fun, but passing each class should be everyone’s priority.

College is a place where you are on your own. You can go out at night, sleep in a friends room, maybe chose not to go to class, or do your homework. What you need to understand is whatever you do, you have consequences. You are paying big bucks to be able to be at college so my advice to you is make the best of it and make smart choices. You skip class everyday, you won’t pass and you won’t get the credit. There goes $1,000.

This program was overall an experience I will never forget. I made many new friends and made some pretty cool memories that will never be forgotten.

Thank you GEAR UP for making this possible

-Kayla P

Madison, GEAR Up UMF Summer Experience Student, 2015 writes:

Without GEAR UP I would not have attended summer experience. I am thankful I had the opportunity to learn what college is really like before I began in the fall. I know now that I can’t wait until last minute to do my homework. I feel like this will give me an advantage when school starts because I wont be overwhelmed or fall behind.

There was one point in the week when I missed an afternoon lecture. I was getting my Student ID and when I was done the class had already started. I didn’t want to show up late so I didn’t go. Later when I saw my professor and he informed me that I should never be embarrassed to go to class late. I am paying big money for my education and I should get the most out of it. That is something I would have never known and possibly missed classes in the fall, but now I know.

My biggest fear for college was not knowing anyone I am going to school with. Thanks to Summer Experience, I met one of my best friends and a group of people I will be able to hang out with in the next few years. I also met students in the GEAR Up program who aren’t going to UMF, but are wonderful, intelligent people who have bright futures. They got a chance to experience college, but I think the most important was meeting other students I will be attending college with. If GEAR Up could expand to other colleges so that everyone gets a chance to visit they college they would like to attend and meet people they would go to school with it would be an easy transition from high school to college.

On behalf of the other GEAR Up students, thank you for an amazing experience and giving us an opportunity to get ahead of the game with a one credit course for free, new friendships, and connections to teachers that will help us excel in the future. -Madison D